Friday, 6 May 2011

weird or beautiful ?

 hye !
cute tak? ehee...nope .
we're not talkkin about cats or kittens today .
its just a hye greeting 4 you all :)
 so watsup smue...sehat ?
mesti tgh besh bercuty kn . kitorg dh hbis exams but blom liyh blik lagi
coz thre's a faculty pogrem 8 until 20may .
so until then i'm stuck here at campus ! :(
campus empty smue mem2 kt poli and universiti laen dh sem break...hate it here laaa .
someone jempot ak bwk lri blik jb plissss !
occay getta hold of yourself girl . lekk luuu .
dont think bout cuty dlu .
brangan jomm ?? haha...yeahh , i love to day dream so what !!
eleyhh macam laa korg tk pernah . huhh . ppffft!
have u guys ever dreamed of havin' a fantasy home ?
one that u wish to have and live in ?
bet you do right ! (^____^)
hey hey ! do your dream homes
look anything like this :

wahhhhh . masyukk tuh .
do any of ya have a home like dat ??
ur damn lucky then ! :)
jelouss nihh...
ade abg tk ? nak jdi adik iparr boliyh ? hihi .

haa..about my title tuh ,
i've found some of these weird and amazing houses .
they're all extraordinary realy !
lets look and you guys tell me whether its weird or beautiful occay ? (=
Enjoyy :

pretty , intresting
and creative
right ?
but some of them are pretty creepy kn ?? HAHA .
hihi , k lah im sleepy .
wanna see more ?
just google it oke peeps !
 nite nite . mmmuuuaahhx....

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