Sunday, 8 May 2011

happy mothers day....

assalamualaikum .
sedih nya eira still kt cmpus ,
smue org kt poli2 and uni laen dh cuty .
dak2 snie pon daa blik tpi kitorg tpkse styback coz ade pogrem faculty .
rindunya kt mommy . kat daddy .
di saat evryone else is by their mothers side to wish
eira just mampu call .
i just wanna hug and kiss you tite mommy .
but its oke . eira doakan mommy and dady
sntiase pnjng umor and dimurahkan rezeki oleh ALLAH swt .
this is my beloved mama !
look . i wish i could buy u a gift and cake...
it doesnt matter...
just as long as i have you .
i'm proud of you and glad to have ya as my mama lh mommy !
muah muah muahhxx .
a mothers love for her child is like nothing else in the world....
no gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you !
so remember mommy , evrythin' i do is all for you and daddy .
may god bless you .
so to all the supermoms out there ,
happy mothers day !
syukur to be born a part of you
lots of love...
your daughter


  1. happy mother day to my mom, Wan Zainun Bt Wan Ramli ^^

  2. syafiq ! hihi...happy mothers day yo our moms ! ♥