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ROYALTY : a fairytale wedding !

hey hey readers !
err , ak ade readers kew ? prasaan jek enn ! tk pe2 .
tk kire nak type jgk :)
wats u alls ? sehat dop ? eheee (tekua plak ganu)

occay , i bet u guys have read that tittle up there... 
who else would i be talkin' about but these two ROYAL lovebirds rite ?! :D
prince william and miss catherine middleton
mesti korg duk ngate ak enn .
yahh , i know its a late entry to post bout 'em but SHUT UP !
i get it .
u guys hve all tweeted , updated , gossiped and dreamed about that expensive wedding rite ?
it was one heck of a sweet wedding viewed by trillions of people worldwide .
sad coz i didnt get to see it live 
tpi tkpe guys, coz thank god for the invention of cameras and the internet dpt jgk lah ak tgok !
occay im not gonna blab on much bout their wedding coz i bet all you peeps already know .
but lets read some snippets and inside out facts about the wedding....
have fun reading ! (^___^)

Did you know ?
When Kate walks down the aisle she will be the oldest Royal bride to get married.
At the Royal Couple’s press conference Kate indicated that she would like to be called by her given name ‘Catherine’, rather than Kate.
miss catherine middleton
Prince William’s nickname in college was  “P-Willy”.
If Prince William had chosen to marry before his 25th birthday he would have required the consent of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

A total of 1,900 guests have been invited to the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, including 50 members of the Royal Family and a futher 40 guests from Foreign Royal Families. 
The British Royal Family will be, as protocol always dictates, the last to arrive at Westminster Abbey, just ahead of the Bride.

.Eighteen horses were involved in the Carriage Procession
 The Royal Family, with a private contribution from the Middleton Family, will pay for all those aspects of the day that constitute the wedding, including the cost of the Abbey service, flowers, dresses, carriage procession, reception and dinner.

The Ballroom of Buckingham Palace – where the wedding celebrations will take place – is 120 feet long.
The fly-past planned as part of the wedding celebrations included an RAF aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Typhoons and Tornados.
In 1981, Prime Minster David Cameron camped out on the Mall the night before the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. 
The 1902 State Landau – which carried Prince William and his new bride from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace was specifically built for King Edward VII in 1902.  It is normally used open, and drawn by six horses.
the state landau 1902
Prince William and Catherine have set up a charitable gift fund, supporting 26 charities, for those who very generously may wish to donate to charity to help the Royal Couple celebrate their wedding.
there were also CELEBRETY guests at the royal wedding such as david beckham and wife victoria elton john , rowin atkinson @ mr bean  , guy richie and afew others too..

  The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine is anticipated to attract a global audience of 2 billion viewers. 

occay then guys . dats all for now . they had a true formal , but romantic wedding rite :)
PRINCE william finally found his dream PRINCESS . aww , every girls dream ! a fairytale come true
 congratulations !!
buckingham palace balcony
their wedding reception
two HANDSOME and SINGLE princes !!
a beautiful wedding
and they lived happily ever after

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