Tuesday, 3 May 2011


(1957-03-10)March 10, 1957 – May 1, 2011(2011-05-01)
i know i'm a student and as long as kitorg kat campus nihh , mmg blur gila aah bout wats on and about in the world out there...nak tgok tv (news) tkde mase .
newspaper ? ppffft . not sold and not buyin' sorry . 
usually if i'm at home dh terbiase mommy & daddy bli kan paper .
and so....
There's some breaking news that shock me today (yesterday) (or maybe not so surprising) that Osama bin Laden just passed away On May 1, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was killed earlier that day by "a small team of Americans" acting under Obama's direct orders, in a covert operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan, 32 miles (51 km) north of Islamabad, affirming earlier confirmation by US officials to the media. According to US officials a team of 20-25 US Navy SEALs under the command of the Joint Special Operations Command and working with the CIA stormed bin Laden's compound in two helicopters. Bin Laden and those with him were killed during a firefight. The site is just a few kilometers from the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. DNA from bin Laden's body, compared with DNA samples on record from his dead sister, confirmed bin Laden's identity. The body was recovered by the US military and is in its custody.


  1. btol tu btol.. bila jd student, rasa macam xtaw apa dah jd ngan dunia luar.. HAHA.. erm, btol ker osama dah mati? ada yg kata it just konspirasi amerika jerk.. HUHU

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  2. hihi , stju kan ?
    jadi student nihh mne amik taww hal lua cangat...
    smpi pnh kne sound ngn org sbb tk amik tao hal skeliling =.=
    EHH , dat i dunnoe .
    maybe jgk tipu . hihik .
    tpi pape pon sdekah kan al-fatihah jelaa . ehee :)