Saturday, 4 June 2011

YOUNG talents....

assalamualaikum u all .
waddup guys !!
sehat ?
ehee . hope dat ur all fine .
eirah bru baek dmm .
plus pnt laa bkerja evryday 7-7pm :(
mlm blik kms2 , cook and kdng2 tk mndi or
mkan dh truih landing ttidoq na .
patu tgh2 mlm gastric mule aa
sneek in dapo cam pncurik cari mknn .

politics ?

sports ?
no one wants to know

business ?
haha .
hell no .
so todays news is just a lil sumthin' I found kinda intresting .
tk suke kao punye pasal laa weyh .
ade ak kesa ? huhhh !
no particular intresting news....
spe budak nihh ?
haa....this my frenz ,
is the worlds youngest pilot YET.
A 9-year-old boy has lifted off from a desolate patch of central New Mexico and floated into history. Bobby Bradley became the youngest trained pilot to fly solo in a hot air balloon early Saturday morning in Tome. He took off in the company of three other balloons, whose pilots included a designated balloon examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration. A crowd of about 50 supporters, including family, friends and classmates, cheered as they took off.
Bobby's balloon landed about 25 minutes later.
The son of two of Albuquerque's well-known balloonists had been practicing takeoffs and landings for the past few days while his ultra-light balloon built was tethered to the ground.
Bobby can't get his pilot's license until he's 16, so his family and friends built the smaller balloon that is classified as an ultra-light aircraft to enable his flight.
oke . mmg tk penting pun bite kli nihh 
but whatever the case ,
congrats to ya lil bobby !
tuh smue experience courage and pure talent rite ?
not evryone can do it ,
not even adults .
caiyaa lah kao budak . hebadd !
occay dokie . itu ajaa news kita for now...

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