Saturday, 14 May 2011

gimme 1 reason to stay and i'll turn rite back around

haha . tajok ape tuh ?
dunnoe lh .
teringat EX aku kot . haha .
wateverrrr !
wats there to a relationship if nothing means more or less...
useless right .
entry kli nihh just a lil smthing that i wish cud change .
mybe rmai tk stju tpi so what !
ade aku kesah ??
what I hated about THEM :
1. They're Ego
Need i say more??
2. Bring her out with your buddies but ignore her
fine kwn2 AND games ko lgi penting
3. Takes half an hour to reply her text messages
kdg2 tk reply at all. aku suke bls dendam blik
4. Ogle at other girls.
flirt. tetap menggatal
5. Lie to them
konon nk sedapkan hati lh kn. blaa r!
6. Breaking promises.
pfffttt...bab2 janji maness ko lah raja
7. Any contact with your ex.
dh ex tuh pehal nk contact2 lgi?!
8. Over protective
itu tk leh nie tk boleyh. ko wat liyh plak??
9. Doesn’t pay attention to what she says.
u guys wat2 denga je enn...layaan
10.Last but not least, because they're men.

hihi , chill occay ?

just for fun guys...tata

nahh . sesuai sgt lah lyrics lagu nihh !


  1. haha. i have never experienced such kind of hate towards (boys?/men?) because uh, this seemed like it was more intended for /boyfriend/.
    and i don't have any boyfriend haha

  2. wow.. seem to be da truth :)
    nway thx.. i'll take dat as lessons.. :D
    chill ya ;)

  3. chill okay :-) i've done follow u babes :)

  4. man : ehee...mne de tips laa . luahan hati nedd je :)

    sarah : u sound very UNSATISFIED beb ! tkpe ti ak tkr tjuk tue k (:

    zaim : hihi...dont worry , i'm chillin . tue bodo2 from my point of view je...

    sharifah : cheers beb !