Wednesday, 27 April 2011

soalan 4 jawapan

 buzz !

 hihi . 

i knw its still exams and i shouldnt be onl , 

but wth ? tk slh kan :)

ehee...occay , 

Saye telah ditag oleh saudari 

 untok menjawab soklan2 ape lagi ,
let's see !

(1) 4 things ways you picture yourself :
  stubborn and clumsy
a lil impatient . easily hot but can cool down quickly
adore to laugh !
talkative and crazy :)

(2) 4 cute names (name mnje a.k.a nicknames) :
alom - unly my lilest sis and brother call me dat
eiyrah - membe2 , ex , besties , damn close frenz and.......
nedd / nad / neddy - haha . geng , corsemates and buddies+ fb frens
nadirah - so nerdy . haha , but mommy and daddy only  :)

(3) 4 GOOD things you did today :
in my sleep history i slept EARLY the nite before and woke up subuh
then studied ! wahhh...haha .
had a nice time chit chatting with my frenz (dh lme tk lpk , kn exams)
called daddy !
went to exam early (dunnoe wat else to write =.=)

(4) 4 places that you would dream to go :
now ?? EVERYTIME at CAMPUS , i just want to be HOME !!!
United Kingdom - i damn miss my childhood years there  :(
amsterdam was beautiful . wanna go again...
of course HEAVEN . spe tk nak enn ??

(5) 4 things you ALWEYS bring around with you :
of cos my phone lol !!!
lip balm / lip gloss / lip ice
headfons . ehee ( music maniac!)
errr , sumpah tk tao ape lgi . ak suke berlengangang kangkongg .

(6) 4 last things you did before joining this contest :
sorry , im not participating , just answering....ehee :)
actually i was hangin out wif a couple of my coursemates then msok blik trus on lappy .
facebooking as usual

(7) 4 people you love the most in the whole wide world :
mommy and daddy
my bro and sis
my gurlfies and boboys :)
geng2 and close pals
(8) 4 kinds of human behaviors you've seen today :
lazy STUDENTS - dh taw nk pekse dok berfoya foya lagik ! ehee...(including me)
buddies who made me laugh . cheers guys !
frenz whom no longer act like we even know each other anymore =.=
yg pemurah and yg kedekut juga .

(9) 4 missions that you want to achieve by the end of the year
i wanna be loved , but not IN love...
improve my grades
be a 'successful' and 'adored' teacher for practical next sem - sem 5
to stop picking fights with those i love :)

(10) 4 of your bad habbits
kinda sensitif - got a terrible mood swing
lazy to study
web addicted - surfing on the net for tons of hours !
tend to be really careless sometimes

(11) 4 of your phobias :
millepedes and other weird insects and animals
heights - even while going on the esculator at malls !
things that are too big

(12) 4 reasons you joined this contest :
 * once again , i'm not participating lol .
bcoz lil cute miss lala tagged me
seemed interesting
felt fun updating my blog :)
dunnoe !

(13) 4 people who you want to tag :
*just an invitation guys , i'm not forcin ya (^___^)
haha . yg nihh nk invite lgi sowg due boliyh ? lalalala...
FYI , my answers will probly be diff if u guys ask me next time ! hihi...hope u had fun reading :)

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